How Does Docpay Work?
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What is Docpay?
There are 4 simple steps to participate:
How does Docpay work?
1. Make a down payment on the work to be done that is acceptable to the doctor's office.

2. Agree with the doctor on a regular payment amount that you are sure you can live with.

3. Sign a form that authorizes the doctor's office to create electronic payments drawn against your bank account or credit card. The office is limited to withdraw only the amount you have specified on the form and only on the days you authorized the payment to be made. A small processing fee is added to each payment.

4. Make sure that the payment amount is available in your bank account each month or on your credit card account on the day the payment is due to be deposited. If, for some reason funds will not be available on the payment date, contact your doctor's office at least 7 days in advance to make other arrangements.
It's SIMPLE! It's EASY! It's SAFE!